About The Silent Angels- ‘time will tell’

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Heilstatten Asklepio


This is my second novel delving into the dark world of the imagination, where preconceived ideas and instilled perceptions of our world are bent and sometimes shattered.

A group of University Art students Lee, Annabelle, Chloe, Joel and Simon camp out in a remote abandoned mansion house for the summer holidays to film a movie for a Simon’s Film Studies project.

They choose the old derelict school as a location for filming because it seems like a good idea; creepy, dark and damp. It fits in with Simon’s project ideas.

But Casey has a different brief.

To find out who the strange girl who hangs out  in the annex is and what she wants from her. To figure out the differences between real love and sexual attraction and how to mend her cracked and bruised relationship with Lee and his friends. Work her revenge on her nemesis Annabelle without Chloe finding out and try and stop Simon from destroying his life.

The shadows entwine with the past, present and future. The halls and corridors hide sinister secrets. What starts out as a fun time for filming and freedom, begins to turn into bitter feuds, jealous rivalry and broken relationships that sink into the darkness of their teenage psyches.  Who will be able to bring the group of friends back into the light? Welcome to The Silent Angels. Come inside and make yourself at home.

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