Chapter 2~ Personal diary entry~ Joel

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Joel’s Diary

Chapter 2 Sunday August 3rd

Fucking grade A raging hangover this morning, as can be expected after last night! Dez and Case were still cocooned up and snoring away when I surfaced, and then Si came in and started perving on them. I mean, I couldn’t believe it, man. He was literally gushing on them! It made my stomach turn so I told him what a pervo he was and he snapped out of it, looking really ashamed with a face like a slapped ass. So I got up and went for a ciggy and saw fuckpants Si again who told me he had something cool to show everyone. I thought, oh yeh? What now? Another idea for a gorefest film extravaganza? Prick.

He came into the sofa room, or balcony as they are all calling it now, as I was laid out on said sofa, enjoying a quiet cigarette. I just couldn’t be arsed talking to him, so I didn’t. Simple. I couldn’t be doing with him being all up in my grill so early with his Sartre hat on yet again. I wanted to call him ‘Bowen’ again like I did a few days ago, which really winds the dude up cos he doesn’t know what it means. It means a stinky git, which he is. I don’t care if he showers twice a day or not, he reeks of bullshit hahaha.

Oh yeh, I almost forgot what I saw Bowen do in the kitchen at breaky. He flirted, openly and without remorse, with Casey, in front of Dez. Weasel! I mean I know she’s hot and all that, but dude, that’s Dez’s one and only, love of his life, would die for her, bay! WTAF does he think he’s gaming at? I dunno if Dez saw it, but he didn’t say anything to him, or her. She wasn’t exactly holding back either! Jesus, does anyone have any respect in our group?

As for the sofa, well I nearly wet my pants when he was getting all scrub about it. Anyhow, I guess that’s his look out. A dissed out old sofa? Ok then, dude. Right on.

Another thing is….I could be hanging with my bay Lisa right now instead of wasting my time here, poncing on about philosophy and getting no filming done at all. I thought it was gonna be one continuous grin, you know, all of us having a laugh and just getting stuck in to this project. But no, cos Si, Bowen, has to go and make it all complicated and bookoo, not sticking to the brief that we were given and going all post- modern on us. That’s not what was asked for. Would he listen? Nope. Cos he’s an arrogant arsehole. I was only trying to help his stupid face, but all he gives me is attitude. Probably trying to impress Casey, cos I have never seen him like this before, all authoritative, dismissive and demanding. We have worked together a heap of times on other stuff and got along great, but suddenly, whoosh! Sweeping me down the drain and into the gutter. Fuck him. This car accident bullshit is also beginning to wear thin. It was 2 months ago! Dez and Chloe keep going on and fucking on about it, making excuses for his bunk behaviour. He needs a good blasting, that’s what.

Oh and Dez, Casey and Chloe have seen a ghost! Hahahah! Now, guys. You’ve been smoking too much and you are hallucinating. Probably some weird concoction of Chloe’s made out of that shit she picks out in the fields. Very soon, if things don’t improve, I might have to join them. I was surprised at Bowen’s reaction when they told him, I expected him to piss his skinny pants, but he didn’t. Oh, but I know why! Of course, how very dim of me. Casey was there!

I could get Bowen back with a prank. Show him not to be a hypocrite as well as a pretentious prick. I’ll have to get my film making hat back on because they’re going to get props tomorrow and I’ve got to go with them. Bowen said so, so of course whatever Bowen says, goes in this fucked up game of power. But! I could do something,….put the shitters up him. Nothing too serious, just to shake it up a bit and get the dude to ease up a bit and fucking laugh….

He said some bookoo shit tonight as well about my parents being rich and basically implying that I sponge off them. Yes, mate and so would you if you were given it all on a plate. Just because your parents are financially challenged, don’t take it out on me. Like, I asked for it to be that way! I love the dude, but he needs some serious pay back.

And where did Casey and Si disappear to last night? Yes, they may think I was out of it and bunged up with beer, but, little do they know that I see everything. When we went through the Chandelier room to the kitchen, they were both there, standing opposite each other. Don’t tell me they were comparing shoe sizes! I’ll be watching. I’m not having anyone getting up in my bud Lee’s business. I don’t care who it is. I might behave like a prat and they may think I see everything as one big jest, but they are so, so wrong.

I’m off to sleep. Chloe’s next door so I don’t feel too isolated. Weird shit place! It’s well sketchy. I asked Chloe if I could bunk down with her, but she went all frozen on me and said she needed space. She’s a strange one. One minute up and the next, down. She loves the whole world and everything’s flowers and peace and then suddenly it’s all wrong and dark. And she’s so tetchy. Any little thing sets her off. Oh well, if she gets freaked out she knows where I am.

Goodnight, freaks!


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