Me, my muses and my inspirations….an ongoing list

I have always been fascinated by the unexplained or the mysterious. There are so many subjects residing under this umbrella, but throughout my life I have always been drawn to them. Here is a list (because that’s another thing I like!):

  • Abandoned buildings. URBEX (urban exploration), namely asylums and hospitals but generally any dereliction. The decay, the vibes, the peace and quiet, the history dwelling within the walls……
  • The Paranormal. Again, I could digress with all the subject ‘branches’ coming off this one. I will stick, for now, with ghosts. Oh lead me to a haunted place!
  • Rock & Metal Music. Intelligent song writing. Dark subjects.
  • Classical music. Violins. Haunting Opera. Gothic.
  • Art & Creativity. Paintings, Writing, Poetry. Anything deemed as ‘different’ or quirky. Why must we all be the same? Individuality rules.
  • Psychology and the brain. How do we form relationships? Why do our brains become ‘dysfunctional’? How do we know if we are crazy? Crazy is good!
  • Adolescence. Oh the pain. Oh the suffering! You are all shit! I hate you! But I just want to be loved………..
  • Crafts. Making trinkets. What do they mean to us? Antiques have a history and can be haunted by energy…
  • Philosophy. Religion. Where are we from? Who made us? Why? What’s the point to life?
  • Spirituality & New Age. Crystal healing, Colour healing, Reiki, Tarot, Herbs, Wicca, Aromatherapy

So that’s a basic run down. Of course, my interests and passions blend in and overlap. Example; Abandoned buildings and ghosts. They have just gotta be haunted….

That is what I love to write about…I love to bring all my interests and passions together to fold into each other and ooze in and out of our psychs, bending our thoughts and making us see the world from different perspectives.

On this page I will delve sporadically in and write about specifics, whether that be about people, books (I am reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘ by John Green. Awesome. Freakin wonderful) pieces of art, philosophical quotes (although there’s a category for that all to itself!) films, buildings, anything that I LOVE and will (or maybe not) be included in this novel.

This is my favourite asylum. Sadly now converted into flats. BOO!

danvers 1 danvers 2 danvers 3 danvers 4


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