The Black Ibis Tarot Cards (found in the annex)

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Chapter 2~

The Lovers (Lee and Casey)

the lovers tarot card

Chapter 4~

The Hierophant:

Given to Simon by Alicia



”A little sincerity is a dangerous thing and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”

Oscar Wilde

Key word: guidance

Alicia writes ME on this side.

The Knight of Swords:

No card available from the Black Ibis deck

Key Words: disruption, impatience, chaotic

Given to Simon by Alicia, the word YOU written on the back.

Chapter 5~

The High Priestess:


Given to Simon by Alicia

Key Words: Secrets

Alicia writes: ‘film everything’ on the back

The Devil:


Key word: Unhealthy love

on the back, Alicia writes: YOU

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