The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Lee gives this to Casey to read while he is away in the evenings

JoV's Book Pyramid

From this picture what did you see?

Make a guess while I continue the review…

It starts as a very playful, fanciful story: the adult narrator is disillusioned with the world of grown-ups, because whenever he shows them a picture he drew of a boa constrictor that had eaten an elephant, everyone thinks it is a hat. But one day, when he crashes his plane in the Sahara, he encounters a little boy in the middle of the desert who not only recognises the drawing for what it is, but claims he came from an asteroid. As the narrator gets to know the boy more, he pieces together his history.

Unfortunately, the little prince’s story is not without sadness. He has left behind a rose he cares about very much, and his travels since then have left him lost on the Earth, a planet much larger and more bewildering than the asteroids…

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