Camus: A Romance by Elizabeth Hawes

What a great book for Simon and Chloe to read

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Although I knew the ins and outs of Morocco, I don’t know much about neighbouring Algeria and its history as a French colony. So, when I first learnt about Albert Camus who writes in French and an Algerian, champion of existential thought, a journalist and an activist, my interest is piqued.

But who was Camus, beneath the trappings of literary fame?

Elizabeth Hawes, who first became enamoured with Camus as a young woman, embarks on a personal exploration that tells the story of Camus and her pursuit of the man. Camus, A Romance reveals the French-Algerian of humble birth, stricken by Tuberculosis and an exile in France was the editor of the WWII resistance newspaper Combat; A patriot, a Don Juan who loves a multitude of women, a voice for Muslim Suffrage, writes playwright for Theatre de l’Equipe, write for magazine called Tivages, he writes novels, essays, plays…

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