The Eye~ Georges Bataille (Simon’s film reference for his project)


Story of the Eye (FrenchL’histoire de l’oeil) is a 1928 novella by Georges Bataille that details the increasingly bizarre sexual perversions of a pair of teenage lovers. It is narrated by the young man looking back on his exploits. (Wikipedia)

I don’t want to discuss many details extensively in my book because it’s a very controversial theme to use for my age group of readers. Simon is (unbeknown to himself) suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following his car accident and chooses this film as reference because a) he enjoys reading philosophy and two of his favourites are Bataille and Barthes. b) PTSD is known to cause people to ‘re-enact’ the events. Simon chooses this because of its level of psychological horror. He is interested in philosophers and writers such as marquis de sade, but now his trauma has kindled an obsession. read this link for more info.


*WARNING* not for the squeamish

* In the beginning, we see a girl who appears traumatised, with dark, make-up smeared eyes. This is how Alicia appears (due to her Body Dysmorphia issues and attempts to hide her ‘ugliness’) and so when she appears to Simon he will think that he is having nightmares because of his obsession with the film.

* The film features abandoned buildings, which is why Simon chose this old school to film in.

* Something happened between him and Annabelle that is not really discussed in detail in the book. Simon may have strange sexual preferences, coupled with the fact that Annabelle is gay. Not a good comb for her as she is also trying to get out of an abusive relationship with Michael. That’s why she is avoiding Simon.

Chloe reads French erotic literature, and has read this book. She talks with Simon about it, him not realising that she also likes Bataille, Barthes and Camus. He starts to take more interest in what she has to say and her suggestions for his film. She is the ONLY one who isn’t freaked out by what Simon wants to do with the film. He gets angry with everyone, including Chloe (his PTSD) but she sticks by him. They are an unlikely couple, but slowly their relationship emerges and the ‘secret’ is revealed that Chloe has been in love with him all along. Readers assume him and Casey will hook up, but after Casey’s initial crush and their one night together, his anger and rudeness turn her off.

Other references:

Bjork’s song ‘Venus as a boy’ was inspired by this book. Bjork is a singer who Chloe would like:

Note the obvious reference to eggs as in the novel.


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