To all my (much appreciated) followers, with love

I just did something a little bit dumb. I blame it on the late night last night with wine and my laptop, when I couldn’t stop writing, writing, writing and then realised it was 3am. I’m tired, but in a good way!

So I have just asked two of my followers if they would mind proof reading the first rough draft of Chapter 1. I have had a very positive response from one fellow blogger and writer (of brilliant things!) and have just this second posted an another lovely lady’s about page, begging for her assistance. Then I thought, let’s see how many followers I’ve got. I can’t believe, 89! What???????!!!

I just started this blog really to organise my thoughts, squiggles and doodles, ideas and brainstorms for my new book. I didn’t intend to get as many people actually reading!

It’s great though. THANK YOU!

So what I want to ask y’all, is THE favour. I really need people to feed back to me on this first Chapter. You see, this novel is aimed at teens and I haven’t got any teens in my life any more who can do this for me. 

I need real honest criticism. No holding back, now! Good and bad and any improvements! I have put polls on the bottom of some posts but so far no response.

As I did with my previous novelette, everyone who proof read for me got a free copy of the finished book by email. 

I will keep a note of everyone that helps and you WILL all get a copy, if you want one of course. You might hate the book!


Here is a list of the posts in order that the first Chapter goes:


Just read through and leave a comment, on any or all of these posts and I will take careful note of everyone. As I said, please I need negative as well as positive. 

Don’t forget that there is a Spotify Playlist which features selected tracks for each of my Characters. Tracks I love and tracks that I think reflect them and what they would listen to. That’s at the top of the site as a page:

 or you can select each Character’s playlist separately here:

Music adds atmosphere and focus to a story, I think.


Love and Hugs


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