The 10 Steps of Design~ Step 6~ expanding the plot further~ Paragraph 5

Lee comes back to the group.

Him and Joel have a huge row…Lee tries to reason with Joel but Joel has been drinking which infuriates Lee even more. He tries to approach Joel as he has learned in Counselling but Joel takes the piss and says stuff like, you can’t always save people and your talking talking blah blah doesn’t help.

Simon comes in and announces that he wants to talk to everyone. They reluctantly go to the sofa area. Lee goes and hugs Casey and sits with her, Annabelle and Chloe. Joel stands at the back drinking. Simon shows them all the filming. Shock. Silence. The group disperses. Chloe stays with Simon. Lee is shocked but goes to annex with Casey and they talk.

Next day, they gradually congregate in the ballroom. Lee starts off the conversation telling them his side of the week’s events and saying that it’s all a good thing that they all know the truth about each other now. A bit discussion occurs, some tears and some shouting. Alicia appears. Explains what she did for the group and that they are all great people. Except Joel who told her she was ugly and a freak when she spoke to him in his room. Revelation. She hands Lee a diary. Tells him to read it.

On the front it has got her name. Alicia Chapman.

Lee is very shocked, bewildered etc. Gets Chloe to ‘summon’ her with her Runes and whatever else, Scrying etc. Nothing happens. He tells them about his sister who died, maybe it’s her? They all talk to Lee about his sister. But then he sees the dates in her diary when he is reading it with Casey. 2036!

Driven to find out who this is, they all (except Joel after a row with them about his drinking, lying and infidelity not to mention his attitude to Alicia) decide to stay longer and try and help her, after all, she helped them. Chloe is convinced it’s their daughter but that digs up disturbing connotations as she is clearly disturbed. Lee feels that sadness as he is training to be an art therapist, he wouldn’t let his daughter become so desperate and unhappy, living in a hideous place. It’s only for 2036 so he can’t find out why she is there or what happened to her, just that she is having treatment for something. Gradually they piece together the puzzle using Chloe’s methods and Lee’s art therapy. Alicia is there but says she needs to rest for a while and that somehow the parallel universe and the portal has exhausted her.  They communicate through runes and paintings. They go back to London and use the library and other things. They spend time in their house. They help Annabelle deal with her boyfriend and her parents.

When they believe they have come to understand Alicia’s problems and why she needs help they go back to Silent Angels. Joel is there. He explains that he has been a dick and why he was. Lee’s sister has dumped him. He wants to apologise to Alicia. That makes her appear one last time with no makeup. She looks like Casey but with black hair. They tell her all about the meds and the people who are there. They are not evil. The meds are working. They give her hope for a cure. She tells them that she can’t remember what happened to her but she has some nice memories of her parents and she thinks they visit her often. Casey asks her if she is her Mum. Alicia doesn’t know but she says she hopes so. She has tried to contact her before! In a text message before her phone was taken away. She remembered a number in her head and texted it, saying ‘Mum, Mum, is that you?’ but she didn’t get a reply.

(This was introduced in ‘Abandoned’ when Casey visited her future house for the last time. I wanted the second story to connect with this one as it’s themes are very similar)

Lee and Casey talk about their plans for the future. Casey had never wanted kids but she admits that after all this, it wouldn’t be so bad. They tell each other that they hope to stay together and have kids, maybe it’s Alicia, but there are things they will have to do if they want to stay together. Communicate more, stop bottling up stress and anger etc. Reflect on what they have all learned as a group at The Silent Angels.



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