Notes on the Plot ~Ideas and brainstorms 2

The rough outline of the plot has been done. Now I have to go through the notes I made in Ideas and Brainstorms (original post here):

and these ideas that I had about Simon secretly filming his friend’s conversations and Alicia appearing to each of the characters just the once, to deliver them a personal ‘message’

Simon’s filming:

Casey and Chloe talking about:

  • Casey’s suspicions about Annabelle’s motives and her love for Lee. Wanting revenge.
  • Chloe’s feelings for Simon and how he hurts her by calling her hippy and witch (think of better names!)

Lee and Annabelle talking about:

  • Annabelle’s sexuality. Her parents threatening to disown her. Her boyfriend beating her and threatening her on the phone.
  • How she regrets sleeping with Simon and how she hurt him. Not knowing how to say sorry without confiding in him that she’s gay and he’s not very approachable.

Joel and Casey talking about:

  • Why he wants/wanted revenge on all of them. Why he was pleased when the prank went wrong and Chloe got hurt. Casey flirting with him. Telling him why she can’t talk to Lee and how it upsets her him giving attention to Annabelle all the time. The kiss.

Lee and Chloe talking about:

  • How difficult he finds it to vent his frustration. How he feels weak and unable to cope with all these pressures on him. How much Casey is hurting him. How demanding and self absorbed Annabelle is. How much anger he has towards Joel disregarding his sister so easily. Joel’s drinking and how it freaks him out after watching his Dad destroy his life and his Mum’s because of alcohol.
  • Chloe telling Lee that she has ways to deal with those issues. She also does Pagan spells and other things that people accuse her of being a devil worshipper over. Her being a Sensitive (Lee knew this) and how exhausting it is to be around the group as they fight and Alicia who drains her. All the other spirits in the building.

Alicia appearing:

Alicia doesn’t physically manifest often because it takes a lot of energy to pass through the time portal in the annex. It leaves her drained and confused and she is already feeling ill because she suspects ‘them’ of doing medical experiments on her. She usually leaves clues for Casey and Chloe. and writes things on the sofa for them all and freaks them out, causing arguments, but manages to manifest once only to each of the others.

  • Casey. She has strength at the beginning because she is very curious about Casey so appears to her a lot.
  • Casey and Chloe. Warns them to be careful as the walls have ears and the spirits talk. Something weird like that.
  • Simon. Gives him the ideas about the film. She is fascinated by time travel and parallel universes and persuades him to try and capture the proof. He doesn’t believe it but when he goes to the annex to find her he hears Casey and Chloe talking and that’s when he gets the idea for  ‘Exposure’ (think of better name for his film!)
  • Joel. This is a bad experience as Joel is clearly messed up and calls her freak, demon and lots of other horrible names. She tells him drinking doesn’t solve anything and he’ll end up an alcoholic- sad and lonely with no friends. This damages her self esteem again and she starts putting on even more makeup.
  • Chloe. She must use her gifts and not take notice of people who accuse her of devil worship. In the future, everyone is taught these ways as a new age of spiritualism has emerged. She will be one of the greatest teachers of Wicca.
  • Lee. Put himself first. You can’t help others if you are close to a breakdown. He will go on to help a lot of people, especially children with his therapy. In the future, medicine and meds are expensive and dangerous because natural resources have run out and they make everything in labs. So many mistakes are made and animal testing is illegal because of all the differences between animals and human tissue cells.
  • Annabelle. Warning. She must be herself and live how she wants. She predicts an unwanted pregnancy and near death from beating. Tell everyone she’s gay, they will all understand. Even Simon.

Some of these ideas might need to be revised.




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