Notes on the plot~ ideas and brainstorms

So The Silent Angels is a story about a group of teens who start out on a fun quest in their freedom from parents and Uni but gradually, as they spend more time in a confined space, their personal issues come to the surface and begin to corrode away their surface shine. The events that occur force them to look at themselves and their relationships with others and teach them that people hide, people lie to hide insecurities and that people are not bad, they are simply reacting to what life throws at them, trying to find their own ways of dealing with crap that life throws at them.

Casey is the central character, lead into the plot by her boyfriend Lee. His friends challenge her on many levels, forcing her to look a little deeper into human behaviour and put herself aside for a change. Alicia is the key character and is the catalyst for the group to start mending their friendships. But how can she be the central character when she only appears to Casey and Chloe?

She remains in the annex. She stays away from people. She is aware that the group is there, first of all Casey, because Casey takes the annex as her haven. (Finding the amazing covered art mirror).

She appears menacing and demonic to Casey due to her makeup. Why is she trying to communicate? At first she isn’t trying to say anything, only trying to find out who Casey is. Then when Chloe arrives, being a sensitive, Alicia realises that she CAN trust them and starts to leave clues as to her life in the hope that they can help her figure out where she is and what’s wrong with her.


She thinks (and writes) of them as Ghosts. They are in the past. She doesn’t realise this at first.



The situation helps her as she follows Casey and Chloe around the building, finding out that there are other people of her age around there. She hears people’s conversations and becomes aware that they are all basically lying to each other, and in most cases to themselves.

She knows then that she has to help them and make them realise she isn’t ‘scary’ . She has Dysmorphia, so she doesn’t get that her face is hideous in the makeup, so those who see her are going to be fucking scared.



Because he admits to himself that his ‘friends’ are not going to help him (hence the rows and fighting), he has to film his own film. So, he knows Casey hangs out in the annex with Chloe, let’s go there and see what all the fuss is about with this girl they see. He eavesdrops and films them talking about how Casey loves Lee and her suspicions about Annabelle. 

Alicia sees this and knows this filming will probably help them all tell the truth to each other.

Next she appears to Simon? Leaves clues from two other people WHO and WHAT CLUES

(Left: Joel, Annabelle & Lee)

Joel telling Annabelle why he did the prank? How he feels about Casey? How he feels about Simon? This could be LAST.

Annabelle and Lee talking about her man friend and how he hits her.

Annabelle talks to Lee OR CHLOE  about being gay. How sorry she feels about sleeping with Simon. LAST.

Annabelle talks to Lee about how her parents would stop her allowance and disown her if they knew she was gay.

Lee talking to Chloe about how pissed off he got with everyone and how he couldn’t bare to explode at anyone so let it all brew inside him and then the only way to cope was to run away.

So while Simon is filming all these scenarios and confessions, Casey is plotting revenge with Joel and on Annabelle, getting a bit out of control with her drinking. Lee trying to talk to her but failing. Chloe is worried about Casey, Lee and Annabelle, and of course Simon as she is in love with him. Also she is convinced that Alicia is not demonic, she feels there is something more behind the facade and starts trying to communicate with her HOW?

Finds out that Alicia’s surname is Chapman which brings Casey back round and down to earth and also brings Lee back on the scene. Simon shows them all the ‘work of art’ inspired by Alicia, and they all go off at first to their own corners to lick their wounds. Lee and Casey make up. Gradually they all sort it out and come together.

Then they start to help Alicia.


The mirror

Photos of her (looking normal)

She leaves a counselling session/art therapy notebook in the annex.

Chloe’s Mum is a Psychiatrist. She tells her it sounds like it.

Then the ‘SUGAR’ spinning round and making noise in the cup, twice a day. She then sleeps and has dreams about how she used to look. Wakes up and starts harming. She claims that the dreams are getting more and more frequent and that the meds must be doping her. But the meds are helping her to see that she is beautiful and that it is her condition that makes her see ugliness. It’s not dreaming, it’s her looking in a mirror and seeing herself as she really is.


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