The 10 Steps of Design~ Step 6~ Expanding the plot further~ Paragraph 4

Sentence 4 (Disaster 3)

Casey in state, confides in Chloe. Chloe can’t betray Annabelle’s confidence but tries to explain she has issues and she’s not in love with Lee. They stay in the annex and Chloe also sees ghost girl. So does Simon as he is now enjoying filming these fights and revelations. Tries to understand her and tells Casey she is trying to help. Meanwhile Joel trying to find Casey to sort out their relationship. Eventually they talk and Casey admits why she did it. Simon films it. Ghost girl appears again, angry and screaming. Tells them her name is Alicia Chapman and begs Casey to make it up to Lee. Her presence begins to fade and everything she has put in the room for them is fading. If Casey and Lee don’t stay together, Alicia Chapman will cease to exist.

Casey is in a state. She no longer wants to talk to Joel as she finds him shallow and dishonest as well as cold and uncaring. Chloe is feeling better and Casey goes to her room and explains everything to her, why she wanted to kiss Joel and how badly she felt when Chloe walked into the glass. Chloe understands and forgives her, but she says that there are a lot of underlying issues going on behind the scenes with her friends and Casey needs to start listening and stop judging everyone. She says that Casey is very self absorbed and sees everything as a reflection of how people think of her when in fact, they are worried about far more personal things. Casey feels humbled by Chloe and if anyone else had said these things she would have told them to fuck off. She asks for her help in getting Lee back so they can talk. Chloe says she must talk to Annabelle and then Lee will probably come back, but he is very hurt about how she has treated Annabelle. Casey talks to Chloe about what she is going to do about Simon, and Chloe again tells her that she can’t control everything in life and that sometimes we don’t get what we want despite how hard we try.

Casey is not taking that and goes and finds Simon. She finds him watching some footage he has shot. Of their conversation! Casey and Simon have a long conversation about his filming and what he has been doing all this time. He had decided that he wasn’t going to get the original idea done so thought up another one-his friends and their dishonesty and secrets. Chloe is appalled but listening to Simon she realises that this could solve their problems and get the group back together. Simon is happier as he has got his footage for the film and he admits that he should forget about Annabelle and get to know Chloe. Casey didn’t know about him and Annabelle and he tells her they slept together at the beginning of Uni but she cold shouldered him. He didn’t know why for months, but he does now because he caught her talking to Chloe. He is noble and says he can’t tell her himself but he swears that she isn’t in love with Lee and that she needs to talk to her and apologise to Lee. He promises Casey he will talk to Chloe and be nicer to her if she talks to Annabelle.

Casey can’t find Annabelle so goes to the annex. There she is, looking at the mirrors, rune images that Casey has drawn, and some words on the wall. Annabelle says they are polish, and they mean ‘Help me I’m in hell. ‘

Casey tells Annabelle about all the sightings and the dreams. Annabelle says that the original word is hungarian and it means HELP as well. (She is half Polish/English and has studied Polish and Hungarian) They find a diary on the floor by the bed with the name Alicia Chapman on the front. It contains medical records and logs of medication given three times a day. They are puzzled and before Casey has time to talk to Annabelle about their issues, she has called Lee and told him about the name. She says Lee won’t come and then Casey is determined to tell Annabelle how sorry she is. They sit down and although they keep seeing weird shadows and hearing bells ringing, they talk. Annabelle tells her that she has never been in love with Lee as she is gay. She had her suspicions since she was 15 but she fancied Simon so slept with him, but that confirmed it for her. She can’t tell her parents because they will write her out of her allowance and she’ll be forced to quit uni. The man she is seeing is a family friend who her parents employ and they don’t know he is abusive and hits her around. She has been keeping up this pretense for years and she can’t anymore. She wanted to come here this summer to tell her friends as she considers them her family. She is so upset that everything went so wrong and hopes that telling everyone will heal her relationships, especially with Lee. She admits that she has been suffering from codependency, looking to him all the time for emotional support, clinging like a baby. He was the only one who knew but she could see he was starting to feel the strain like she was imprisoning him.

Casey apologises and hugs Annabelle.

Then calls lee and tells him that she has made up with Annabelle and pleads for him to come back. He agrees and her and Annabelle go to the sofa and smoke together, continuing their conversation until Chloe arrives and Simon, both of them looking happy and laughing together.

Joel then arrives and he is far from happy.

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