The 10 Steps of Design~ Step 6~ Expanding the plot further~ Paragraph 3

Sentence 3 (Disaster 2)

In the morning, they try and find Simon. Explore the grounds. They try and put the night before behind them but bitchy comments still come through. Joel makes jokes. Annabelle tries to walk with lee, Casey gets pissed. Chloe is quiet but she goes off and finds Simon easily. He comes back with them and they try and come up with ideas the rest of the day, planning to film when Lee & Anna come back later. Joel then plans his ‘joke’ with the ghost, getting Casey to help. Simon pissed off when Lee has to work again and Annabelle leaves too. Tries to get Chloe to stand in for Annabelle but she won’t. Casey and Chloe begin to talk more. Simon again pissed that no filming done, C&C spend evening together, talking about stuff. Simon films first secrets about Chloe and how pissed Casey is with Annabelle and Lee. Also sees Joel setting up the prank so films that. When A&L return, Joel plays the prank and it works, scaring them all. Chloe gets hurt and no one admits who did it. They accuse Simon but he proves it was Joel by the camera evidence. A&L go with Chloe to hospital leaving Casey and Simon with Joel. Casey sees ghost girl and freaks out, having no one to talk to goes to Joel. Casey talks with Joel about Lee after a few drinks and begins flirting. Simon films it secretly, when they kiss, showing it to lee on his return with the girls. Big fight. Annabelle talks with Chloe in another room about Casey and Chloe explains why Casey is jealous. Annabelle admits she is gay and not in love with Lee, just needs him insanely and that he is tiring of her clinging. What should she do? Simon films it. Annabelle drives Lee home and returns as he has told her to leave him alone and got angry with her. He no longer wants to be part of the filming.

It’s day 2

The next morning, Simon comes round and wakes everyone up. He has made breakfast, but says they must start filming immediately. Everyone goes about their morning routines, showering etc. Casey and Lee get there and Annabelle is missing but Simon carries on talking about what’s going to happen while they eat. Joel sits there quietly for a change, looking over at Casey and trying to make her laugh. She starts making faces back and Chloe notices and so does Lee. Annabelle turns up and sits next to Casey, smiling and tries to chat to her about the costumes etc and other things. Simon delegates roles and misses Joel out. He asks what he’s meant to do and Simon says nothing, just watch and give help when needed. Annabelle is lead actress which surprises Casey as Simon and Annabelle don’t seem to speak. Lee is helping with the production and Chloe is doing the costumes and makeup. Simon asks Casey to check the locations and places as she is good at scenery (She studied Theatre Design at college). Joel is angry but makes a joke about being useless once again.

Filming starts.

Simon is not happy about the overall feel of the film due to it being done with sunlight coming through. They try and find dust cloths to put up in the windows and clothes, but they keep falling down. Simon gets angry again and concludes that filming will have to be done during the night and preparation during the day. That means Lee and Annabelle have to get back before everyone starts falling asleep, more pressure on Lee. Simon is snappy with everyone as they sit and brainstorm and they keep reminding him that they are doing him a favour. The only person he is being extra nice to is Annabelle, who doesn’t appear to be bothered about having a lead role. Casey can’t understand what is going on. Simon leaves then Joel storms off and eventually he texts Casey to go to the top floor and he explains that he wants to kill Simon and that he is so bored and fed up with everyone’s attitudes. They spend time together and discuss people in the group. Joel wants to do something to liven the week up and so devises a plan to spook everyone. Casey agrees to help him out with it as she is bored, fed up with Simon’s bossiness and pissed off with Annabelle and Lee. They hear movements around the corridors and get freaked out so go back down. (Simon has been filming up there). Chloe seems weird with her and Lee keeps glaring at Joel. Annabelle keeps smiling at her which winds her up. It’s like the only person who is being nice to her is Joel.

Feeling drunk that evening, Casey decides to confront Annabelle, asking her why she is suddenly being nice to her. Annabelle is shocked and says that she hasn’t been horrible to her at all and she just wants to be friends with her. She is hurt as Casey lays into her, accusing her of being in love with Lee. Everyone round the table is silent and shocked, Lee tries to get Casey to calm down and eventually takes her into the ballroom where she starts screaming at him and crying. Lee is shocked and decides to stay back and not go into work, phoning up and getting bollocked by his boss. More pressure. He tries to sit with her that evening and talk to her, but Casey is defensive and unable to talk rationally. Annabelle has gone off somewhere and Chloe, Joel and Simon are in the sofa room smoking and hanging out. (Things are happening there as well) Lee goes off and Chloe tries to talk to Casey, reasoning it out that Annabelle isn’t in love with him etc. She goes off to the annex and finds Joel there and flirts openly as revenge. Chloe overhears and goes in, warning them both that they are playing with fire. They stay there all night together despite Lee phoning her constantly. In the night, the girl visits again, leaning over Casey and scaring the shit out of her. Joel won’t wake up as he drank too much. Things happen in the room and Casey runs to the building, bursting in to the room she shares with Lee and seeing Annabelle there. That’s the final straw. She curls up on the sofa and cries herself to sleep.

The next morning, day 3, Casey doesn’t speak to Lee, Annabelle or Chloe. She goes straight to the top floor with Joel and they plan the prank. They hear a lot of shouting from the others later on in the day and assume film prep isn’t going to plan. They walk around the grounds getting to know each other better and listening to music in the room that Joel has now occupied on the top floor. They end up kissing and do not realise that someone has been filming on the top floor. Simon caught them in the act.

Casey goes ghost hunting that evening, trying to take her mind off Lee and the way she has screwed up being friends with Chloe. She avoids the annex but sees some weird things in the mirror in the main hall. It’s almost like she is seeing herself but with dark hair and different clothes. She photographs these sightings and shows Joel but he doesn’t see it. He tells her he has seen plenty of other mirrors around the building and got some of the dust cloths off them to cover the windows before, so they go and find them. They find one in every room and when they look under the covers, see weird and wonderful artwork on them, beautiful faces merging with ugly demonic faces and distorted bodies.

When Lee and Annabelle return, Joel and Casey prank them with the ghost trick. It works and scares everyone but because it’s dark, Chloe runs into the glass pane that has created the illusion and cuts her face and hands. Annabelle drives her to the hospital and Lee goes with them. Simon, Casey and Joel are left behind and Simon tells them he knows what’s going on between them. They deny it and also deny the prank. When they get back from A&E, Casey feels really bad for Chloe and wants to admit it was them and apologise, but Joel says no, he is going to blame it on Simon as he has been the one wanting to make this horror film, and this is how he wanted to get it. Casey sees a side of Joel she doesn’t like and her guard goes up. Chloe is ok but goes to her room. The others smoke at the sofa and Lee asks who did it. Joel immediately says Simon, and Annabelle lays into him, letting rip about his attitude and the way he treats them all just for a stupid film that he should have done months ago. Simon shows them the film of Casey and Joel planning the prank, and then, of them kissing.

Hell breaks lose and Lee leaves with Annabelle. On her return she says that Lee is not coming back and he doesn’t want to be part of the filming.

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