The 10 Steps of Design~ Step 6~ Expanding the plot further~ Paragraph 2

Sentence 2 (Disaster 1 External)

 The next morning with sore head, filming is delayed as Simon briefs them about what he wants. It can’t be done in the daytime and there is no means of covering the huge windows to block out the light. They explore the building instead, leaving Simon behind as he is angry and aggressive. Lee has to go back to London to work in the evenings which annoys Simon further and Annabelle has to drive him as she is the only one with a car. This infuriates Casey and she gets drunk with Joel that evening after seeing ghost girl again. Simon shows first signs of violence, Casey drinks with Joel for a while and then goes off on her own, Chloe withdraws from all the emotion flying around and finds a room to go to also alone. Joel starts planning a prank and has an argument with Simon ending in Simon threatening Joel and going off into the grounds. Lee and Annabelle come back and try and find everyone but it’s dark and only Joel is in the lounge area. L&A find Casey in the annex but Casey only wants Lee. Annabelle leaves, upset. 

The next morning everyone wakes up with sore heads. Everyone staggers around with no focus and Simon starts bossing everyone around saying that they need to start filming asap. This pisses everyone off and tempers are sharp. No one thought to bring any paracetamol so Casey and Lee go off and explore the place for a medical room. (My chance to describe the interior in more detail and the annex) They find some in Lee’s backpack in the Annex room and stay there for ages having private time. Meanwhile, Simon is getting pissed off and calling Lee on his cell. Lee tells Casey all about his work commitment and that Annabelle will drive him there at 5pm every evening and he’ll be back at 11pm. Casey gets angry but Lee says it has to be so. Casey tries to say it’s more about Annabelle than the leaving, but can’t explain and Lee gets stressed, saying that hers is the only car to get out of there. They go back to the main building and Chloe has cooked brunch. Sitting round the table is tense. Simon has gone off angry, Annabelle is asleep again and they all feel like shit. Lee and Annabelle leave at 5pm and Casey goes to hang out in the annex and explore a bit more. Chloe follows and they both explore, getting to know Chloe’s character a bit better. Casey likes her but is guarded about telling her how she feels about Annabelle and Lee. They discuss Simon, Casey suspects that Chloe has feelings for him as she defends him a lot. They sit in annex room and Chloe has got some candles and Hungarian runes that were her Grandma’s. They laugh about them and Chloe explains to Casey about her parents etc and they discuss backgrounds. (Chloe’s mum is French and her Grandma is Hungarian). Chloe tells Casey how much Lee loves her, putting her mind at ease momentarily about Annabelle. They go back and have dinner with Joel and Simon. Casey and Joel drink a lot, Simon takes them to his ‘contemplating’  place he has found (sofa with biro images on) and they try and figure out the images. Simon tells Casey about Uni and what happened to him, the car accident and how he has fallen behind due to feeling angry all the time and drinking too much. Chloe tries to explain about trauma and PTSD but Simon is too proud to listen and calls her names like hippy etc. She explains that her Mum is a Psychiatrist and she knows about these things. Simon drinks more and more and tries to discuss the filming but Joel makes jokes out of it and tries to flirt with Casey. Simon gets a little violent. Chloe tries to talk to him, but it’s all hippy talk. Lee and Anna return and find them there. They all hang out for a while, Simon serious, Joel taking the piss and Annabelle monopolising Lee’s attention. Joel suggests a seance but everyone says definitely no, especially Lee who knows the dangers. That reminds Chloe that her runes are in the annex and her and Chloe go with torch. Girl is there briefly in time and runs, leaving them both amazed. They go back to the others and tell them there’s a girl in the annex, the others reckon she’s homeless, squatting there and warn Casey not to sleep there as there might be other squatters around. Casey doesn’t care about that as she would like to live there herself. Annabelle speaks up and suggests they find rooms in the main building close to the toilets and shower and to Casey’s horror, suggests she share with Lee and her! Lee sees Casey’s face and tries to keep peace by suggesting they all sleep in the same room and him and Casey next door. Annabelle backs down, goes off on her own and after a few hours they worry about her as she isn’t answering her phone. Chloe goes off to find her and Simon and Lee insist they help. Joel and Casey go and search around for a room near the showers and Joel flirts and makes suggestive comments. Casey thinks he’s joking and goes along with him. They find two rooms and put the stuff in there from the ballroom and Chloe goes and gets stuff from the annex. The girl isn’t there but the runes are set out with a message for Casey. She photographs them on her mobile and takes the runes back for Chloe. Annabelle has been found crying somewhere and they all go to bed, (except Simon) Lee and Casey in the room next door. Soon enough, there’s a knock and Annabelle comes in to say sorry to them and that she will leave them alone. (The others have obviously spoken to her). Lee is forgiving and Casey thinks it isn’t going to last. She says it to lee and he jumps down her throat. Simon calls Lee after a while and Lee starts to get annoyed, telling Simon they will work on the film the next day for sure. He is short with Casey and she bites back, not thinking about what stress Lee is under. It’s a long night for her and she ends up suffering from dreams of weird disturbing stuff about runes. Annabelle and Lee, and the word


hungarian runes

(the message is 4 runes on top, spelling out HELP and underneath there are more but there are spaces, because there is only one set of runes so some letters can’t be used twice. It should say ALICIA but only the A, I and C can be used.)

Shegijeg is the pronounciated word for HELP in Hungarian. (Segitseg). The ghost girl assumed someone was Hungarian from the runes they were using.

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