The 10 Steps of Design~ Step 6~ Expanding the Plot further~ Paragraph 1

Expand each paragraph from Step 4 into a full page of plot description.

Sentence 1 (Story set up)

Lee, Casey, Chloe, Joel and Simon decide to use an abandoned girls’ school on the outskirts of London to film a horror movie for Simon’s overdue end of year project for Uni. Simon has recently been in a car accident and cannot travel in cars, so he has asked them to stay in the abandoned school and film with him instead of going back to London every night. On arrival, the group find an amazing building and set up their equipment, bedding and supplies, enjoying a party and giving me a chance to introduce the characters and their dynamic with each other. Casey goes off on her own for first time due to jealousy and sees ghost girl for the first time. Spends night with Lee. 

Expansion details:

This part of the story is to be used to introduce all the characters to the reader, and the dynamic that exists between the friends from Casey’s point of view as she isn’t yet a member of the friendship group. Realistically the characters would all be in good spirits as it’s the start of a week of fun and time away from Uni pressures (except for Simon who has to get this film done). However, Casey has ongoing hangups about Annabelle and Lee and this is how the conflict begins, leading Casey to segregate herself from the group from an early stage and allowing contact with Alicia.

Paragraph 1:

Casey’s viewpoint (main bulk of the book)

Lee has invited Casey to London for two weeks. The first week they will stay in an abandoned school on the outskirts of London in a remote area, to film for Simon’s 1st year project, which he hasn’t managed to complete yet. The second week will be just for them to sightsee and spend together. Casey thinks this is a perfect idea as she loves URBEX and wants to do some ghost hunting as well. She expects it to be a brilliant week as she has already met Joel, who is seeing Lee’s sister, and is looking forward to meeting Chloe who she has heard is also into the paranormal. Casey is not usually the sociable type as she is very choosy about who she hangs out with. She wants to make a good impression on Lee and prove to him that she has grown up and can get on with people, specially his friends. Besides, they are all artists, so she assumes they will be intellectual and cool. They all live in the same student house, except Joel who lives with his parents and drives into London every day. They all meet up at the student house and go to the old school in Annabelle’s Land Cruiser, with all their sleeping bags and stuff for the week. Casey is disappointed that Annabelle is going to be there as she thought she would go to her boyfriend’s villa in Portugal like she does most holidays. Clearly there is something not right as Annabelle is quiet on the way there. Simon also seems stressed and doesn’t really talk much. Once at the place, they are all in awe of it except Annabelle who doesn’t seem interested, and dump their stuff in the huge ballroom and go and explore. It’s daylight so Casey makes a mental note of all the places she wants to explore with Lee later later after dark. Casey notices immediately that Annabelle tries to walk with Lee and push her aside. Chloe talks to her, Joel makes jokes about everything and tries to jump out at people and make silly noises to scare them. Simon has a notebook and writes, noting down places to film, not being very sociable. Lee and Casey hold hands and grab kisses in darkened corridors. They locate the shower room and it only has cold water, and some toilets which are usable but have electric. They leave the lights on in case they get lost on night 1. They find the kitchen and there is a fridge and old ovens in there. They have been told they can use it as workmen have been there starting renovations, so electric is connected in the kitchen only. They cook a meal and have wine, laughing and getting drunk, happy that they have a week of freedom. Simon lightens up and even Annabelle is sociable for a while until she gets so drunk she tries to get Lee to sit next to her at the table. They play cards until late when they decide to sleep out in the ballroom seeing as they only have torches. Of course, Casey wants privacy with Lee and tries to persuade him to go with her and find a room for them. They wait until everyone is asleep and lots of snoring is happening, and go along the corridor. None of the rooms have carpets or beds so they keep exploring. It’s creepy and they hear weird noises and shadows. They go through a glass corridor and into a small out house and find an annex building with a small kitchen, huge bathroom with rows of showers and rooms with beds, rugs and balconies. This is where they spend their first night alone together in the building. They are both a bit drunk and keep thinking someone is outside the door. Lee gets up to investigate but finds no one. Casey is convinced it’s Annabelle who has followed them but doesn’t mention that. Then Lee’s phone begins ringing and it’s Annabelle wanting to know where he is. Casey is furious and it’s them that she realises the extent of Annabelle’s obsession with her boyfriend. Lee says he has to check on her and Casey is furious. Lee asks her to go back with him but she says no. He is torn as he doesn’t want to leave her there but she insists. That night, alone, she sees a girl in the room. She has demonic eyes and stares at her intently before vanishing into the corridor. Casey calls Lee and tells him she’s coming back to the ballroom. They huddle together under the covers while Annabelle sleeps beside them. Casey does not sleep, her mind fighting between Annabelle and her boyfriend and the demonic girl in the annex.

their initial filming place

The entrance hall


The Ballroom


The Shower room


 The Kitchen




The first night room in the annex

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