The 10 Steps to Design~Step 3~ Chloe

For each of my characters I need to write a page summary sheet, developing ideas for:

  • name, age, some personal details
  • one sentence for their storyline in the plot as a whole
  • their motivation. What do they want abstractly
  • their concrete goal
  • their conflict, or what is preventing them from achieving their goal
  • their epiphany. what do they learn and how do they change?
  • one paragraph summary

Chloe Gardner

Age 20

Good friend of Lee/soon to be friend of Casey

BA Hons student at London College of Fashion, England. Just completed her first year. Lives in the same student house as Lee, Annabelle and Simon.

Storyline: Chloe has been asked to join the group as she has designed some costume pieces for the filming. Initially she doesn’t want to be involved in the filming as she doesn’t like horror films or old places (she claims to have psychic abilities that frighten her and she is sensitive to spirits, being plagued by negative entities all her life) and Simon and her don’t get along well as he calls her dippy hippy and takes the piss while she is in love with him. She works in a Boutique during the day but sometimes joins them, feeling they need her help. She likes Casey because she can see how troubled and misunderstood she is and although reluctant to get involved with the ghost girl at first, realises that she in fact wants to help, not scare people away. Chloe sees the good in everyone, trying to help Lee with his problems and Annabelle with her issues.

Her motivation: Chloe is a peace-maker and wants everyone to get along. She hates to see injustice and is Lee’s ali in getting everyone to be honest and sort out the mess. She knows from the start that the ghost girl is trying to warn/help them, but has to convince Casey and the others.

What’s preventing this? She has emotional issues around Simon and finds it hard to be in the same room as him. Her heightened sensitivity to buildings and people’s emotions can make her exhausted and she goes into her shell. Her and Lee are very similar and go to each other to vent regularly. Wanting to help everyone else, she ignores her own needs and instead of trying to talk to Simon, for example, she shies away and focusses on someone else’s woes. She is very shy and needs to spend a lot of time alone because of being HSP (highly sensitive person).

Her epiphany: She finds out that ghost girl is not evil and so starts to realise that she has a rare gift and instead of running away from it, should use it to help people and herself. Starts to look into meditation techniques and protection methods as well as talking to everyone about how she feels.

Chloe joins the group on the first night as she has to help take the costumes and find somewhere to store them which isn’t damp. She goes through a lot of anxiety in the building and everyone thinks she is being stand offish by not wanting to get involved, but it is her sensitivity to the place and to Simon that makes her repel. When Annabelle decides to leave whenever Lee goes, it means Simon needs an actor to replace her as Casey won’t join in. She gradually gets drawn into the filming and becoming friends with Casey. When Casey takes her to the annex, Chloe comes into her own as she contacts with the ghost girl and realises so much about her. Things start to go bad in the group as well and Chloe feels it her job to try and help them out. She falls out with Casey about her and Joel, and decides to convince Casey to listen to ghost girl closely as she has got something very important to say to her and the others in the group.

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