The 10 Steps of Design~Step 3~Characters~ Annabelle

For each of my characters I need to write a page summary sheet, developing ideas for:

  • name, age, some personal details
  • one sentence for their storyline in the plot as a whole
  • their motivation. What do they want abstractly
  • their concrete goal
  • their conflict, or what is preventing them from achieving their goal
  • their epiphany. what do they learn and how do they change?
  • one paragraph summary

Annabelle Dabrowski

Age 20

Good friend of Lee/ Casey’s nemesis

BA Hons Fine Art Student at Central St Martins School of Art in London, England. Just completed her first year.

Annabelle is troubled with family issues and relationships problems. She feels like the ‘group’ is her family and wants to spend summer working on the project and getting involved in the acting part Simon has created for her. Casey’s attitude towards her and Lee’s absence causes a spiral downwards and she begins to drink again, saying things she would not usually say within the group and becoming more and more isolated and suicidal. She needs someone to save her, but she finds that she is the only one who can save herself.

Her motivation: Annabelle just wants people to love her and take her away from her life, forgetting her abusive parents. Spending time with the group seems like the best solution for her summer holiday, having fun and trying her hand at acting. Her goal: to get Lee to spend time with her.

What’s preventing this? She can’t get Casey to like her so she feels she has to compete for his affection. She spirals down easily into drinking when left alone which makes her even more anti social and her mouth becomes loose, causing tension between the others. Only Lee knows her secret. She is a lesbian and has her sugar daddy abusive boyfriend to cover this fact up so her parents won’t write her out of their will and stop her Uni allowance.

Her Epiphany: Lee tells her the truth about how he feels about her being very codependent on him, and her alcohol dependency that makes him crazy. She admits her issues to the group and comes out about being gay and how hard it has been to pretend with an abusive boyfriend. She tries to ask her friends what to do.

Annabelle wants to spend summer with her friends, especially with Lee. He has to work some evenings so needs a car to get back into London. She drives him there and back so that means she also gets him to herself for a few hours a day. She meets Casey, lee’s girlfriend, and is jealous of any attention he gives her, even though she wants to be friends with her. She doesn’t understand why Casey is hostile towards her and begins to spiral down into her depression and drink binging when filming doesn’t go well. Simon still resents her for the one night stand they had and she told him she regretted it. lee seems cold towards her and when he asks her to come out and tell the group her problems and be honest, she decides to try and save the only family she knows.


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