The 10 Steps of Design~Step 3~ Joel

For each of my characters I need to write a page summary sheet, developing ideas for:

  • name, age, some personal details
  • one sentence for their storyline in the plot as a whole
  • their motivation. What do they want abstractly
  • their concrete goal
  • their conflict, or what is preventing them from achieving their goal
  • their epiphany. what do they learn and how do they change?
  • one paragraph summary

Joel Mackie

Age 21

1st year Film Studies Student at King’s College, London, England

Joel is happy to go ahead and help his friend Simon over the summer holidays. He can’t wait to explore the old school building and creep himself and the others out by playing pranks. He finds out that life isn’t always a laugh and that people have genuine issues and traumas. He learns that he can’t just have whatever he wants, he is not the only person who deserves happiness. Money can’t buy him respect or friendship, despite that he has grown up in a super rich family and has always been given everything on a plate.

His motivation: Joel is a joker and likes to have a laugh and test boundaries, often deliberately causing friction between people. His motivation is to have as many experiences as he can in life (I’ll try anything once) not always considering others. He wants everyone to like him and to have a whole bunch of friends and is mortified if someone doesn’t like or agree with him. He lacks confidence in himself as a person, that’s why he hides behind the joker/clown performances and drinks a lot.

What’s preventing him? He thinks he can ‘buy’ people and that people will easily forgive if he makes them laugh or turns on the charm. His ‘experiments’ and pranks backfire sometimes and people don’t fully trust him because of his penchant for causing fights and twisting people’s words. Very stubborn and thinks his ways and likes are the best so doesn’t listen to others.

Epiphany: When he realises that Casey doesn’t prefer him to Lee, she is in fact using him to get back at lee and make him jealous. He realises that he has got some real good friends when Lee forgives him and so do the others. It doesn’t matter if he has money or not, it doesn’t matter if he is funny or if he admits he feels bad, they will still be his friends. learns to get in touch with how he really feels instead of suppressing negative emotions all the time.

Joel is out to enjoy the few weeks of filming in the abandoned school. He loves old places and can’t wait to plan some hilarious pranks to scare everyone. His parents are away for the summer so he is free and can do whatever he wants as they have left him plenty of money in his bank account. He is determined to prove to Simon that he is good at film making after Simon has been calling him shallow and saying that he is going to fail the course. He wants to pick fun at Annabelle as she has been very uptight of late and so has Chloe, hardly speaking to him or Simon. He is pleased that Casey is coming because he has a crush on her despite her being Lee’s girlfriend. He thinks he could maybe flirt a little and wind Lee up. His plan to prove his skills by creating a ghost like Pepper’s Ghost and he gets Casey to help him as she is studying Theatre at College:

This backfires as Chloe has a panic attack and falls into the large pane of glass used for the illusion. Breaking the glass Joel has to drive her to the hospital. That night the real ghost girl appears to him and he freaks right out. Casey and him then begin talking about it and they spend the night together, Lee finding them. Joel, for the first time, genuinely understands how it feels to be heartbroken and despite his begging, Casey insists she wants Lee. Joel no longer is the clown and decides with Chloe’s help, to face what’s happening in his life and confront it. He makes it up with Lee and Casey and in the final showdown learns that there is more to his friends than he originally thought and that they are all fighting their own battles every day.

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