The 10 Steps of Design~Step 3~ Characters~ Simon

For each of my characters I need to write a page summary sheet, developing ideas for:

  • name, age, some personal details
  • one sentence for their storyline in the plot as a whole
  • their motivation. What do they want abstractly
  • their concrete goal
  • their conflict, or what is preventing them from achieving their goal
  • their epiphany. what do they learn and how do they change?
  • one paragraph summary

Simon Davies

Age 20

1st Year Film Studies Student at Kings College London, England.

Simon has had a tough time at Uni in his first year. His Dad died in a car accident and he has got mental health issues due to the guilt of being in the car and surviving. He still feels bad and has nightmares but is afraid to admit it to anyone because it was 6 months ago and he should have got over it. He has fallen behind and his tutor has extended his project deadline, but he is still finding it hard. All his friends seem to either be looking at the project as some fun holiday and an excuse to party (Joel) or they are non committal. Lee has to work, but that’s ok by Simon, Annabelle seems to be keen at first, any excuse to be in front of a camera. But he is in love with her and can’t spend time around her. He doesn’t know Casey but thinks she appears stuck up and as for Chloe, well she is transient and flits from one idea to the next without finishing anything (For example, the costumes are not finished on time), one day being nice to him and the next hardly speaking. . He finds that however stressed he gets and however badly he treats his friends, it doesn’t get the filming finished. Instead he changes the subject of the film from generic psychological thriller to social horror, using his friends, the ghost and their fights to illustrate the darkness of adolescent relationships. 

His motivation is simply to get the film shot and handed in without any drama. If he gets chance to party and have some fun then that’s a bonus. Working closely with Annabelle is bitter-sweet, but he hopes that she will realise that their one night stand was meaningful and want him as much as he wants her.

What’s preventing him? All his friends have these issues that start to surface as they start filming. Joel is just trying to prank everyone and create drama and conflict, Annabelle is arsy and won’t speak to anyone, Chloe is quiet and keeps making excuses to leave, Casey can’t get on with anyone and is more concerned with what Lee is doing and Lee is working all the time.

Epiphany: As he starts to listen to everything that’s going on and films Lee and Chloe talking to everyone about why they won’t help him, he records convos and films everyone to make a different film to the one he originally wanted. It’s all he can do, but in the end it works out great for him and for them as HONESTY prevails and they all start understanding each other better. He learns that he can’t control everything in life; accidents, film projects, feelings and that he must let things go and adapt to circumstances.

Note: Everyone thinks it’s him causing all the fights initially because he has got so much at stake, but it’s not, it’s Joel. He proves a lot of things by secretly filming. He is the one who gets the ghost girl on camera and so proves to Lee that she exists and that Casey isn’t lying, he gets Annabelle talking to Lee about being gay, he gets Casey talking to Chloe about Joel just being a revenge. Key points.

simon 2

simon 3 simon

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