The 10 Steps of Design~ Step 4~ Keep Growing~ whole draft 1

This is the time when I expand each sentence from the summary paragraph. All but the last paragraph should end in conflict or disaster. The last paragraph is how the story ends.

Sentence 1 (Story set up)

Lee, Casey, Chloe, Joel and Simon decide to use an abandoned girls’ school on the outskirts of London to film a horror movie for Simon’s overdue end of year project for Uni. Simon has recently been in a car accident and cannot travel in cars, so he has asked them to stay in the abandoned school and film with him instead of going back to London every night. On arrival, the group find an amazing building and set up their equipment, bedding and supplies, enjoying a party and giving me a chance to introduce the characters and their dynamic with each other. Casey goes off on her own for first time due to jealousy and sees ghost girl for the first time. Spends night with Lee. 

Sentence 2 (Disaster 1 External)

 The next morning with sore head, filming is delayed as Simon briefs them about what he wants. It can’t be done in the daytime and there is no means of covering the huge windows to block out the light. They explore the building instead, leaving Simon behind as he is angry and aggressive. Lee has to go back to London to work in the evenings which annoys Simon further and Annabelle has to drive him as she is the only one with a car. This infuriates Casey and she gets drunk with Joel that evening after seeing ghost girl again. Simon shows first signs of violence, Casey drinks with Joel for a while and then goes off on her own, Chloe withdraws from all the emotion flying around and finds a room to go to also alone. Joel starts planning a prank and has an argument with Simon ending in Simon threatening Joel and going off into the grounds. Lee and Annabelle come back and try and find everyone but it’s dark and only Joel is in the lounge area. L&A find Casey in the annex but Casey only wants Lee. Annabelle leaves, upset.

Sentence 3 (Disaster 2)

In the morning, they try and find Simon. Explore the grounds. They try and put the night before behind them but bitchy comments still come through. Joel makes jokes. Annabelle tries to walk with lee, Casey gets pissed. Chloe is quiet but she goes off and finds Simon easily. He comes back with them and they try and come up with ideas the rest of the day, planning to film when Lee & Anna come back later. Joel then plans his ‘joke’ with the ghost, getting Casey to help. Simon pissed off when Lee has to work again and Annabelle leaves too. Tries to get Chloe to stand in for Annabelle but she won’t. Casey and Chloe begin to talk more. Simon again pissed that no filming done, C&C spend evening together, talking about stuff. Simon films first secrets about Chloe and how pissed Casey is with Annabelle and Lee. Also sees Joel setting up the prank so films that. When A&L return, Joel plays the prank and it works, scaring them all. Chloe gets hurt and no one admits who did it. They accuse Simon but he proves it was Joel by the camera evidence. A&L go with Chloe to hospital leaving Casey and Simon with Joel. Casey sees ghost girl and freaks out, having no one to talk to goes to Joel. Casey talks with Joel about Lee after a few drinks and begins flirting. Simon films it secretly, when they kiss, showing it to lee on his return with the girls. Big fight. Annabelle talks with Chloe in another room about Casey and Chloe explains why Casey is jealous. Annabelle admits she is gay and not in love with Lee, just needs him insanely and that he is tiring of her clinging. What should she do? Simon films it. Annabelle drives Lee home and returns as he has told her to leave him alone and got angry with her. He no longer wants to be part of the filming.

Sentence 4 (Disaster 3)

Casey in state, confides in Chloe. Chloe can’t betray Annabelle’s confidence but tries to explain she has issues and she’s not in love with Lee. They stay in the annex and Chloe also sees ghost girl. So does Simon as he is now enjoying filming these fights and revelations. Tries to understand her and tells Casey she is trying to help. Meanwhile Joel trying to find Casey to sort out their relationship. Eventually they talk and Casey admits why she did it. Simon films it. Ghost girl appears again, angry and screaming. Tells them her name is Alicia Chapman and begs Casey to make it up to Lee. Her presence begins to fade and everything she has put in the room for them is fading. If Casey and Lee don’t stay together, Alicia Chapman will cease to exist.

Sentence 5 (End of story)

Chloe has to find a way of getting Annabelle to go fetch Lee and persuade him to come back and sort everything out. He comes back to find Joel subdued, Chloe and Casey close friends, Annabelle has told Casey the truth, so they are getting on better, Simon is ok because he has got lots of stuff for his new film. Simon tells him what has happened and Lee watches all the footage. makes up with Casey and promises to keep helping Annabelle. Simon has a show down with the footage and everyone watches it. Lee tries to be the mediator, calming people down when they get angry and encouraging them to talk honestly. The atmosphere is better between the group, but then ghost girl Alicia shows up again to all of them. Casey, Lee and Chloe pour over all the things she has left them and try and figure out what her problem is and why she needs help. Chloe works out what the building is used for in 2036 and gradually they put the clues together. Because she uses mirrors and their candle/torch light to manifest, they see her with her blackened eyes because she wears heavy kohl as it hides her ‘ugliness’ as she sees herself through Dysmorphia. She wants to know about the sweet tasting lumps they make her eat and if they are making her better. One of her friends died in the next room and she was eating this too. Chloe invites one of her friends in who is a medium. She tells them that it is actually just sugar, but in 2036 it has become rare and expensive. The Doctors who finance The Silent Angels pay a lot of money for this because the meds they give them for Dysmorphia are so bitter, that no one can swallow them without it. Alicia is going to be fine and The Silent Angels is the best place she can be in. They do not see her again, but she leaves a hand painted pebble each for them under their  pillows.


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