The Silent Angels~interior features~ the sofa

There is an old, battered sofa in one of the rooms. They drag it to the open window area and use it to hang out and discuss the filming. This is where all the poignant conversations, fights & showdowns, debates and falling in love happen…………

sofa meeting place

The meeting room would look something like this. Exposed to the wilderness at the back of the building; a metaphor for the group of friends being exposed to the turmoil, passions and intensity of human relationships.


At first they think it’s mould, but on looking at it, the art students are fascinated by the fact that flowers have been drawn onto the sofa in biro pen by someone. They begin adding to the sofa art and no one knows who draws what or for whom the images are meant. One of the ways I intend to show what can happen when communication breaks down. The ‘art’ begins as being pretty and fun….but as the group begins to break down, so do the images; becoming sinister and frightening in their beauty.

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