Mazzy Star~ Happy (Chloe’s song)

Happiness is Chloe’s default setting. She is optimistic and is always singing out her gratitude for everything, comparing everyone’s lives to that of more unfortunate people around the world.

She is thought of as naive but that is very far from the truth. She has secrets.

Fields of light, they hold me inside
Count my stars, they are lucky in the sky
There’s a time when you go off the line
And all my dreams look like someone else’s memories

Cold outside burns a great big hole in my heart
I’ll just wait ’til you’re happy
And your smile makes it right
It makes it right

Sleep inside, the ocean is mine
It shimmers and it glows
For some people, I know it shines
I know it shines

Stay inside, don’t the colors make you blind
They hold me inside, count my stars
Let them shine
I know they shine

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