The 10 Steps to Design~ Step 2

Step 2

Expand the sentence into a full paragraph of 5 sentences including:

story set up….   1st major disaster (external)……  2nd disaster……  3rd disaster (attempts to fix the first one)…….  ending.

Here is the sentence from Step 1:

Feeling left out and ignored by her film -making friends, a teenage girl loses herself in the corridors of an abandoned building, awakening a series of haunting events that leads to crumbling friendships, broken hearts and  life changing revelations.

1. The students decide to use the abandoned building as a set for the spoof horror film that Joel and Simon are making for their end of 1st year film studies degree. Casey is Lee’s girlfriend and doesn’t feel like she fits in so goes off exploring on her own.

2. Casey see a girl in one of the rooms and is freaked out because she has got a demonic face. The guys want to get the filming done so it causes a rift between her and Lee as they won’t investigate with her and he has to choose. Annabelle chooses to stay with the boys, reiterating Casey’s belief that her and lee are playing around. Casey has to get someone on her side so she chooses Chloe.

3. They guys and Annabelle immerse selves in filming. Lee becomes ‘cold’ towards Casey. Casey’s revenge is to make Lee jealous so she flirts with Simon. Ghost girl appears every day leaving Casey more clues as to who she is and what she wants. Simon and Casey start spending more time together, Chloe becomes protective of lee because she is a people pleaser. Casey gets angry with everyone and breaks Simon’s heart, he ignores her. Chloe is the rock for everyone but Casey can’t see beyond her own upset.

4. Ghost girl says that her name is Alicia Chapman….so is she Casey and Lee’s daughter or Annabelle and Lee’s? Casey has to win Lee’s affections back and learn from her mistakes and with Chloe’s help find a way of getting Lee back…forgive Annabelle? The truth will all come out. Huge fights!

5. Makes amends with Annabelle and Simon. Realises Chloe is a great person and has never betrayed her. Her and Lee talk. She can’t find the ghost girl anymore. The room is lighter. She finds a lot of journals explaining Alicia’s past and why she has been so angry at everyone, but never finds out whether she is her mother or not.

That’s slightly MORE THAN 5!!!!!

So I have to shorten each to ONE sentence.

1. The students decide to use the abandoned building as a set for the spoof horror film that Joel and Simon are making for their end of 1st year film studies degree.

2. (Disaster 1) Casey being Casey has major issues with Lee’s friends (jealousy re. Annabelle) and goes off on her own which causes her to get lost and see a demonic looking girl in one of the rooms.

3. (Disaster 2) No one believes Casey and Lee chooses to continue filming with the others causing Casey to doubt him and become even more suspicious and paranoid about Annabelle. Demonic girl still appears and Casey makes friends with Chloe cos she believes her.

4. (Disaster 3) Demonic girl claims her name is Alicia Chapman and she is in the year 2048 so Casey freaks out and decided she has to get Lee back and try to right all the wrongs that she has caused between the group.

5. (End) Casey makes amends  with Lee and Annabelle so the demonic girl disappears leaving her diary but Casey never finds out whether she is Lee’s daughter or Lee and hers, or in fact Lee and Annabelle’s maybe it was all a coincidence………

I hate doing this because it’s so basic and doesn’t explain anything. I think I need to look over this and check I am getting the conflict in there, that’s the point of this summary. I guess Step 3 will expand it all. I may come back and change all this but I won’t delete anything. I want to keep the progression here.

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