The 10 Steps of Design~Step 3~ Characters~ Lee

For each of my characters I need to write a page summary sheet, developing ideas for:

  • name, age, some personal details
  • one sentence for their storyline in the plot as a whole
  • their motivation. What do they want abstractly
  • their concrete goal
  • their conflict, or what is preventing them from achieving their goal
  • their epiphany. what do they learn and how do they change?
  • one paragraph summary

Lee Chapman

Age 20

Boyfriend of Casey

BA Hons Student at Central St Martins School of Art in London, England. Just completed his first year.

Lee has an obligation to his friends who need all sorts of help emotionally, and with his work even though he wants to spend time with Casey who he hardly ever sees as she lives back home with her parents. But she has so many issues of her own that he finds it hard to be patient with her. With his friends in conflict and the filming in carnage, he just wants to disappear but the ghost girl makes him realise he has to sort his friends out and restore some peace before something seriously bad takes place in the abandoned place.

Lee just wants a fun summer spending time with his friends and girlfriend, making a movie in the abandoned building and enjoying a summer of freedom.

Lee must work out a way to keep Simon happy helping him out with the filming, Annabelle happy amidst her turbulent family life and love life, Casey with her jealousy and paranoia and himself as he tries to run away from all his friends’ problems by working long hours in the bar to avoid them.

His conflicts are; him and Simon not seeing eye to eye with the film, Annabelle’s feelings towards Casey and hiding behind alcohol and making herself ill, Casey not understanding how much pressure he is under and not discussing things maturely and his exhaustion from working shifts at the bar and getting up early/filming through the night. He is a people pleaser and takes on everyone’s suffering, unable to protect himself from it. He is an emotional punch bag and has been ‘the shoulder to cry on’ for far too long.

Epiphany~when Casey starts spending time with Joel and he realises what he might lose. He decides that the group have not been honest to each other and instead of all giving up on each other, rounds everyone up to talk. He realises he cannot solve everyone’s problems, they must do it themselves. He lets out his suppressed anger and stress showing them that he isn’t a walkover and will not be trampled on anymore.

Lee has promised his friends that he will help them out with their Film project as Simon has missed the deadline and has failed a lot of his assignments at Uni. He wants to spend time with Casey as well but is pulled between his friends, her and his work. When she starts getting emotional and jealous she backs off and refuses to talk, so he lets her be but worries himself sick. Annabelle needs his attention too and he tries to help her, but when Simon and him start disagreeing about the film, Lee starts emotionally crashing. He works extra hours at the bar to get away from everyone and then finds out that Casey is spending time with Joel, walking in on them asleep together. Annabelle is shut away, drinking again. Then the ghost girl shows herself to him and he realises he has neglected Casey. His summer has turned sour and he decides enough is enough and calls them all out, for once in his life showing them that he can get angry, he isn’t there just to please everyone and that they all must get a grip and look at themselves.

c and l - Copy

case and lee

lee and lisa


Lee is a Nurturer. More details to be developed here:


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