The 10 Steps of Design~ Step 3~ Characters~ Casey

The High Level View.

For each of my characters I need to write a page summary sheet, developing ideas for:

  • name, age, some personal details
  • one sentence for their storyline in the plot as a whole
  • their motivation. What do they want abstractly
  • their concrete goal
  • their conflict, or what is preventing them from achieving their goal
  • their epiphany. what do they learn and how do they change?
  • one paragraph summary

Obviously I will start with Casey as she is always the main character in my novels.

Casey Papadaki

Age 18

6th form College student (visiting Lee for the summer vacation), studying Art, Theatre and English Literature

Girlfriend of Lee Chapman

Casey finds it hard to mix with her boyfriend’s group of friends. She is convinced that Annabelle is in love with Lee, she finds Simon irresistibly attractive and Joel clearly fancies her, as he follows her around. The only person she feels comfortable with is Chloe. She spends time in the derelict building, trying to figure everything out, while coming in contact with a weird spirit girl who she is convinced is trying to tell her and Chloe something. Casey battles with her loyalties to Lee and Chloe, but gives in to her temptation after Lee and Annabelle’s behaviour gets twisted in her paranoia, thanks to Joel. Communication breaks down and people get hurt. With the help of the ghost girl, Casey decides she has to make amends if she is to save her friendships.

Casey wants to be liked and feel that she belongs, especially to Lee, but her ego also insists that everyone else should like her too. Insecure, she likes it when guys flirt with her.

Casey’s goal is to realise her faults, face her issues and find courage to mend her ways.

She is very stubborn, judgemental, self absorbed and doesn’t trust anyone. This stops her from making real friends easily and ultimately prevents her relationship with Lee being healthy and congruent. Her defence mechanism is to hurt those she loves and seek revenge, and she does this by negating their feelings and doing what the hell she wants. Of course, this behaviour has consequences for the group of friends as well as her.

Through Chloe’s friendship and guidance, the ghost girl’s insistent presence and the revelation about Simon’s film,  Casey begins to realise she has to listen to other people, develop some empathy and find out what makes them behave the way they do.

The Story Outline according to Casey.

Casey goes to visit her boyfriend, Lee during summer vacation. She thinks that they’ll be able to spend most of the time alone together, but is angry and bitter when she finds out that his group of friends will all be there, shooting a film project for Uni. Her jealousy of Annabelle, Lee’s close female friend, has been coming to boiling point and this is the worst blow for Casey. Feeling ignored, Casey takes off into the depths of the derelict building they are shooting in and begins finding out about its history, exploring rooms and finding objects and papers belonging to someone called Alicia. Angry that Lee doesn’t spend more time with her, she sleeps alone in the annex and trusting only Chloe, they see visions and have dreams about the girl called Alicia. Being scared, she wants Lee’s attention and tries to approach him about it. They spend a night there but see nothing and end up arguing as Annabelle keeps calling Lee. The more Casey becomes needy and desperate, the colder Lee seems to become.

Joel tells her what she suspected all along about Lee and Annabelle, so Casey and Simon, although they know it’s totally off limits, begin to flirt and try and meet up alone, using the message sofa as communication. Alicia warns her about destroying Lee. Also, Joel begins to stalk her and when she confronts him, he lies about Annabelle and Lee again. Simon has tried to get everyone into his film project but is failing and getting angry with everyone, especially Lee who he was depending on most. That makes him bitter and him and Casey hook up secretly. Lee has a meltdown and leaves, overwhelmed by Annabelle, his work, Simon and Casey’s attitude as well as his sighting of Alicia, warning him to get out before he has a break down. Chloe tries to help Simon with filming, the bond, thinks Chloe, is finally happening. Casey confronts Joel, who admits he is jealous and lied to her. She tries to get Lee back but it all seems in vain.

Casey starts being visited more and more by the girl, giving her encrypted messages as warnings. As Casey finds out more about her, she finds diary pages, a photo of an older man and medical records. Simon is very angry and aggressive, telling her they shouldn’t have spent the night together and for Casey to back off. She tries to talk to Lee on the phone and persuade him to come back but he seems cold and being upset about the whole thing, Casey drinks and crashes in on Chloe, telling her Lee won’t come back. They decide to stay in the annex, where they make contact with Alicia who tells them about Simon’s desperation and PTSD. Chloe admits her feelings for Simon and that they bonded, putting Casey in a dilemma. Chloe spends a few days with Simon trying to help him, but Casey gets more and more desperate without Lee, Chloe or Simon and drinks, going to Chloe’s room then Simon’s and selfishly admits what her and Simon did. Chloe already crying. They fight when Simon admits he has feelings for Casey which has potentially destroyed their friendship but Casey realises she is being a fool when Lee walks in on them and confronts her. Joel has told him.

Everyone gathers and a fight starts. Annabelle lets rip at her for hurting Lee. Lee tries to calm everyone down and get people to listen. Chloe freaks out cos of all the screaming. A horrible accident occurs and Chloe ends up being taken to hospital in an ambulance. Her Mum goes with her.

Casey and the others are forced to listen to everyone’s sides of the story when Simon reveals that he has been secretly filming everyone talking to each other about one another, and Joel telling lies. They watch the hidden camera footage. Everyone is raw initially and very pissed with Simon, but Lee explains that Simon did them all a favour as they now know the truth, everyone’s secrets are out and they can talk to each other based on honesty.

They all have a frank and emotional discussion about how they really feel about their lives and each other.Casey learns that her judgements have been cruel and ignorant, especially towards Annabelle. She realises that she has behaved terribly and when she learns about other people’s suffering and pain, she promises to herself that she will not judge again. Alicia’s face is paused on the camera when Simon picks it up. Alicia is then seen in the doorway.

Annabelle said she had seen her in her room.  They all reveal that she has appeared to them too and what she said. Casey tells the group what her and Chloe have found out and they all decide that because she has helped them mend their broken lives, they should help her now.

In the end, they find out that her full name is Alicia Rose Chapman and she is living in 2034. Casey is left not knowing whether the name is a coincidence, or if Alicia is her and Lee’s daughter, or Lee and Chloe’s. After all this time, Casey was stuck on the idea that it was Lee and Annabelle that were too close, now she realises that Lee’s best friend has always been Chloe……..

250736_462131070502630_1252231391_n casey and lisa casey woods hair casey pink

Casey is The Scientist *note to self to read in more detail*

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