In the beginning….

So here I am, contemplating my second novel. Well, the first one wasn’t so much of a novel, more like a novelette. Somewhere between a short story and a…medium length one? Maybe you would like to decide. Here is the link to the Amazon kindle site where my first attempt at writing is available:

My questions that fuelled my inspiration for this novel were these:

Can we change our fate?

Is destiny prewritten?

Does time really exist as we understand it? Is there a parallel universe, or infinite ones, where I am doing everything I want to do?

I love these themes!

Of course, there were a whole bunch more themes in Abandoned, namely about how our attitude to people and life can come back and bite us in the ass, how we are ultimately responsible for our own actions and that every action has a reaction. Isaac Newton said, in his Third Law of Motion, ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. This story teaches young people that their behaviour and actions towards other people and their world around them have consequences. Very Zen!

I thought, ok so at the end of Abandoned, Casey wins back Lee and they are left in the ‘do they or don’t they’ phase of teen love where it could remain platonic or it could blossom into full true love. Casey clearly wants it! But Lee’s off to uni..and we all know what it’s like being a first year student! So in this next novel, as well as the continuation of my love of URBEX and dereliction, history and mystery, I want to develop Casey and lee as a couple and give them some hurdles to get over. There will obviously be a nemesis for Casey to test her loyalty and her love for Lee and from Lee’s side, Casey is the young one who still lives with her parents. he is patient but how patient can he be? Wouldn’t it be easier to date a girl at his own Uni?

I want to bring in relationships and conflicts within the group of friends as well, exploring themes about prejudice and judging others. This was another thread weaving through Abandoned, but I think it’s prevalent in adolescent circles and needs to be addressed again.

Mental Health is another area of interest for me. I had the idea of bringing in the issue of Body Dismorphia and using it as a twist in the plot. There will be a mystery ‘person’ appearing and I think this could be used to outline this issue and how badly it can effect people, especially teens, as they can have all sorts of hangups about their appearance.

There are many things I would tell my teenage self if I could travel back in time. I haven’t got any kids of my own yet, so I guess in writing this novel, I am nurturing and offering some guidance on issues that I have struggled with and mistakes I have made that could have been avoided. I am currently training to be a Counsellor/Art Therapist and I am exploring ideas about how conflict can be avoided with better communication. I have developed Lee’s character to be the ‘counsellor’, the shoulder to cry on. He is studying to become an art therapist and so he is a perfect vessel for me to express my ideas about how we do and don’t talk to each other and how we can overcome our hangups and let people in. We are all human and inside us all is a vulnerable person needing to be loved!

I also want to address alcoholism as I believe as a student, this is something we are not warned about and it’s taken for granted that you will spend most of your first year in a drunken stupor. No. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Of course there will a plethora of other human emotions woven in, such as jealousy, anger, bitterness, love, hate and desperation.

A happy ending? It’s a teenage novel, so I will try. No promises though!

chloe photo in her room

girl bricks

group wall

nice wallpaper


trousers and shoes

Welcome to The Silent Angels

lillesden school

possible front door


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